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San Antonio River Walk & The Alamo – Continuing Our Adventures, Part 6

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Soon after our space adventures we packed up our home and headed toward San Antonio.  If you’re not familiar with Texas geography, they’ve got a wide array of topography.  In the Livingston area we experienced the Pineywoods region of the state.  The Houston area is part of the Gulf Coast region.  Colorado River Thousand Trails is in the Prairies and Lakes region, and now we were headed into the South Texas Plains where San Antonio is situated and then through it into the Hill Country to stay at a Thousand Trails park there.


Photo by Wikipedia user thelostteacher, modified, used under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International

This area of Texas is pretty wild, all the hills make for some crazy winding roads.  It’s another beautiful example of this amazing Earth we live on.  Sadly the pictures I managed to capture on drives around the area just do not do the scenery any justice.








The Campground

The campground we went to was Medina Lake RV Campground Thousand Trails in Lakehills, TX which is a little west of San Antonio.  This park quickly became another favorite of ours because of its natural beauty and being located on the lake.  IMG_9309Apparently the lake went through a dry spell in recent years, but it was full and lovely, and waterfront sites were even available.  This park is very large with some sections quite a distance from the gate, pool, and activity center location.  Wifi is only available at the activity center, but Verizon and T-mobile service both worked well here.

Our spot we chose had a large grassy area with a Live Oak in it.  This tree had ball moss in it, which we first thought was spanish moss when we saw it in trees at Colorado River TT, because it looks like spanish moss that hasn’t grown long enough to drip and dangle in long strands.  However, after research, we discovered spanish moss has a cousin called ball moss, and it only grows in round formations.  Each location we travel to and stay in never fails to provide us with new and interesting things to research and learn about in our roadschooling.


Our beautiful spot

Our yard during our stay.

This campground was also overrun with deer like Colorado River, but in this case the park didn’t seem to care if you fed the deer.  The local grocery store even sold big bags of deer corn, and you would see people feeding it to the deer all over the park.  Because of this the deer will actually come up to you and eat out of your hands.  The kids were fascinated with them!

MadMac came back in from taking the trash out at night again, and told us all about how his headlamp was lighting up myriads of tiny eyes all across the ground, so he went for a closer look and discovered spiders….I think he was a little freaked out, LOL!IMG_0872  They appeared to live in the cracks in the ground and they would crawl out at night and seemed to be everywhere.  We think they may be in the crab spider family, but aren’t sure.

Like Colorado River TT this park is also out in the wild and the small town it’s a part of was very small.  Shopping choices were the Dollar General Store and a local small town grocery.  So we made a few trips to the Wal-Mart in Boerne, TX which was about 45 minutes away, for things we just couldn’t get back in the small town.

Sadly, our first week at this park was spent with us sick….needless to say that moon rock at the Space Center was indeed covered in germs.  It was pretty bad, everyone was sick for an entire week, except the hubster who had to take care of all of us.  We think it was most likely the flu….or moon germs….yeah it was most definitely the alien moon germs…..thankfully we didn’t turn into zombies, so that’s something at least!  Hubster had been given a flu shot by the VA which luckily gave us a caretaker when we needed it, haha.  We don’t get sick often, pretty strong constitutions or something, but this really kicked our butts 😦  Poor hubster had his hands full.  The second week was spent with us recuperating and still feeling pretty weak and puny, so we didn’t really get to do much until the third week of our stay.  Because of this setback we had to put off our Alamo and River Walk trips for a bit, which had us deciding to just go stay in San Antonio for a week to do our sightseeing after we left Medina Lake TT.  We also had our youngest son’s birthday coming up to celebrate.

We decided on staying at Travelers World Carefree RV Resort in San Antonio, which the River Walk came all the way down to, and buses even stopped across the street to take you downtown.  This is a very nice and peaceful little resort for being within a busy city.  And it’s near the Missions National Historic Park Visitor Center, which is also the San José Mission.  There are 4 Missions that are part of the San Antonio Missions National Park.  The San Juan Mission was just down the road as well.

 Our spot at Travelers World

They had a nice little gift shop where you check in, with a large game room behind it where you could play pool, air hockey, ping pong, and a large checkers game set up on a table.  So, we spent time in there playing games with the kids a few times during our stay.  They also had a small gym area and a nice little library in there as well.  There was also a clubhouse by the playground, but we never went in to check it out.

Game Room fun

San Antonio River Walk

IMG_9460We took a day to explore the River Walk in downtown San Antonio, which is quite beautiful!  The city has been built up around the river that runs through it, creating walkways and bridges around it that are one story below the streets.  You can easily drive around downtown San Antonio and never even realize these breathtaking scenes exist because you can’t see them from the streets, you must get out and walk and find one of the many staircases that leads down to it.

We road the Riverboat tour to learn all about it while floating down the river seeing all the shops, restaurants, hotels, and even the mall that are wrapped around it.IMG_9454  Then, we wandered around on foot, taking in all the sights… is quite a labyrinth to wander around in.

We stopped and ate at the Lone Star Cafe where the barker attracting customers to eat there, correctly guessed (on the first try) the city we were from when we said we were originally from Kentucky….it was kind of surreal because it’s a smallish town!  After he drew us in to eat, we were sent upstairs to be seated on the balcony overlooking the River Walk but ended up moving because we were directly in the sun and couldn’t take the heat.

The Alamo

A couple days later we visited The Alamo and learned all about it’s history and how it fit into the Texas Revolution we had been learning about in our roadschooling.  Many do not know that the frontiersman Davy Crockett, originally from Tennessee, died here at the Alamo defending it along with the others.IMG_0904

We decided to take the audio tour, where each of us had an audio device to listen to information provided at each designated spot in the tour.  Our youngest son really enjoyed listening to his device on his own, and would then tell us what he had learned at each station.

It just so happened that we were actually visiting The Alamo during it’s 180th anniversary of the 13 day siege, two days before the final battle.IMG_0905  It was a bit eerie experiencing this historical site during the same time frame as it had occurred in the past, and we found ourselves quietly following our audio tours in a sort of reserved respectful way, which also felt odd amidst the very busy packed crowd that was there that day….it was as if we were out of sync with the present while we drifted along this path in the past.

IMG_0901You are not allowed to take pictures inside of the mission, and the few that I did take in the courtyard and outside the gift shop have disappeared from our devices somehow 😦  One such picture was of the Live Oak inside that walled courtyard pictured above, it’s limbs are so big and heavy they are being held up by steel cable wire.

Afterwards we tried to take a look around the gift shop, but it was so unbelievably crowded and chaotic, you could barely move an inch without bumping into someone and everyone seemed confused about where the checkout lines started and which registers they went to….they were very very long and wrapped around blocking areas for shopping.

Birthdays in the RV

We also celebrated our youngest son’s 8th birthday during this week.  He enjoyed getting to experience a big city, which was his birthday request, and then having a little party in our tiny home 🙂

p bday

Birthday boy turning 8

It was a fabulous week of sightseeing and learning, spending time together making memories….now we just had to figure out where our adventures would lead us next.


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