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Our RV Living Room Makeover


Who doesn’t love RV makeovers?  That was one of our favorite search topics when we discovered fulltime RVing families, and we were itching to start our own makeovers once we had our RV.  It continues to be something we love to check out even now, and when we meet other families we usually end up doing tours of each other’s tiny homes.  Why RV designers continue to make them so dark and unappealing inside is a mystery, but the best guess is they use all the dark brown colors to help camouflage the dirt from camping…..but we aren’t camping, this is our home….so makeovers it is! 😀

The Travel Trailer that we chose is a 34 foot Shasta Oasis 30QB (QB means quad-bunkhouse).  Shastas are well known for their little retro travel trailers which were recently re-released and are so cute!  Ours, however, is not so little LOL, and sadly is not actually made by Shasta because Forest River bought them out.  So, here is what it looks like on the outside, if you haven’t already noticed it on our blog, haha.  Most RVers bemoan the industry’s overuse of the swirly waves all over the outsides of ALL the RV’s….what’s up with those designs man?  I kind of dig the palm trees on the Oasis logo though, tehee.  Our home is our little Oasis 🙂


The Before Pictures

The picture below is taken from the “front door” looking into the Kitchen/Living Room/Dining Room, HAHAHA!  Soooo dark!!  It felt like a cave, but it had potential!  The U-Shaped Dinette was plenty big enough for all of us to sit down at together, however it was badly made 😦  The table (when in place) was not quite close enough to anyone sitting on the bench in front of the window, making them have to scoot to the edge of the bench to eat properly.  It also had many sharp corners which hurt our legs, and was not rounded like most U-Shaped dinettes tend to be.  And lastly, it hung out off of the slide and hovered over the main floor area, and we began to notice that the frame inside was not strong enough to hold it in the air like that hovering.  It began to break and fall down when being sat on.  We knew when we got this RV that there was a high probability that we would take the Dinette, and probably even the Jackknife sofa, completely out eventually because we have seen so many other fulltime RVing families do this to make more room….and we loved that concept!  So, once it started failing to function the way it was supposed to and breaking, we said “makeover time!”img_9087Next, we move forward into the room and look towards the back of the RV, where the kids’ bedroom is located, also known as the bunkhouse.  Their curtain “door” is also dark brown….blah!  To the left there you can see a door on the left wall (around the corner from the fridge), that goes to the tiny bathroom which I forgot to take a picture of at the time.  To the right outside of the kids’ doorway is the pantry, which is pretty deep and spacious….but also hard to find things inside of because it is so deep and spacious, LOL.  The rectangular shaped item sitting in front of the pantry is the table that would be set up on its pole legs at the dinette.  We only used it when we wanted to eat, because it took up so much walking space.  You may be noticing that the slide in our RV is not very deep, sometimes people think we forgot to slide it all the way out, HAHA, it’s just a half slide or something or other.img_9075Now, if we turn around and look towards the front of the RV, we are facing our “master bedroom” in the below picture.  Our bedroom actually has two doorways, the one you see here is MadMac’s side, and on the other side of that entertainment center is TawnyMac’s side which is also right next to the “front door”.  In this picture you can see more brown curtains on the windows, and the slide-out trim material was brown and copper faux snake skin looking stuff…eww!img_9077

The Makeover

Now, are you ready to see the makeover?  Are you sure?  Okay, here are the changes that we made to our home to make it less cave like, LOL, and more comfy.

First, as I mentioned, when the dinette started breaking we decided to take it out.  So, the hubster ripped it completely out….like literally, he went all “hulk smash!” and ripped it all up with his bare hands!  And when he hulked out he accidentally got some green all over the brown walls.  No?  You’re not buying that?  Ok, you got me….he used his handy dandy drill to unscrew it all from the walls, and I worked on painting the walls a lovely green color.  Eventually, I plan to paint the slide walls a light turquoise/aqua color.img_9108After removing the U-Shaped Dinette, we installed a long white table for the kids to use as their dining/school desk area.  They missed their classroom desks we used to have set up in our homeschool classroom, so they liked this idea we came up with for them.  The table was essentially a long shelf we picked up from Home Depot, and the white stackable chairs we got from Big Lots.  The length of the desk/table left just enough room for the baby’s highchair to sit between it and the jackknife sofa, and her little toybox fit under the highchair.  Then, we used one of our old rugs that matched the color scheme, to cover up the metal holes for the table poles we would no longer be using.  img_0528I re-covered the jackknife sofa with an awesome fabric in a chevron design that we found at Hobby Lobby.  I was so proud when I managed to sew the panels together matching up all the points in the chevron perfectly!  😀  I also added a soft upholstery fabric around the bottom of the sofa to cover up the wood base as well as the jackknife hinges, and stuffed it with cotton batting, because it also had sharp edges the baby had fallen against a few times 😦 so I fixed that problem and was pretty happy with it.

Besides working on painting the walls green, we took off the awful window cornice box thingys, the metal shades, and the brown curtains.  We had a King sized sheet we could no longer use (since our bed is now a Queen) that was perfect for our color scheme, so I cut it up and sewed it into curtains for the windows and doors.  It is white with a pattern of circles in blue, turquoise, and green.  We found some totally cool Retro Shasta RV duct tape that matched our colors and turned it into a decorative accent to cover up the crazy faux snake skin on the slide-out’s trim (using duct tape as decor? I know it’s nuts…but we like it), and then we added some small canvas art prints onto the square blocks in the trim.img_9175Despite how much we loved our new setup, the kids slowly got tired of their hard chairs, the baby was outgrowing her highchair, and the jackknife sofa started to break just like the dinette had.  What to do, what to do?  After much brain storming and searching the internet for ideas, we decided we wanted a couch that went the whole length of the slide.  We have seen a few RV’s that actually come with a super long couch and no dinette, and really loved that layout.  You can get custom couches installed in your RV, but our research showed that they were super heavy as well as super expensive.  We could not add that much weight into the RV, so we looked for alternatives.

Eventually we found a lightweight new style of futon couches on Amazon that look nothing like the old-school futons, and that were just the right size to fit into our slide and not hang over its edge (since it is not as deep as most slides).  We chose one that was white leather-like material that is very easy to clean off/wipe down, which is a must with a messy toddler running around.  We ordered two and had them delivered to our campground, and set them up next to each other to make a super long couch, and added some throw pillows.  Replacing the heavy jackknife sofa with lightweight couches freed up some weight allowance too 🙂img_0148We also decided to cover up the tan carpet on the slide with a rug that could also cover up the metal holes in the floor from the old table.  We added some white shelves onto the wall as well, for holding our printer, our globe, and some books.  Since we no longer had any kind of table to eat on, we use those small TV dinner tables and store them behind the futon backs.  Removing the dinette and sofa also meant removing storage space that they contained under them, however, we were able to find long plastic bins that fit under these couches perfectly and got our storage back….3 bins fit under each couch.img_0147Over time we have made little changes and additions here and there.  The shelf above the large window began to come loose from the wall after traveling for a while, its style of brackets didn’t hold up well with all the movement the trailer goes through.  When I finally get to paint the slide walls I will clean up the screw holes left behind from the shelf.  Since that shelf held the kids’ school books, we ordered a hanging pocket magazine/book rack from Amazon and placed it on the pantry wall to hold the books.  Thankfully the printer shelf and globe shelf have held up quite well throughout our travels.  In the below picture it looks as if that corner is piled high with toys, but actually the dehumidifier is sitting behind the toybox and a basket of toys is sitting on top of it, LOL.  When needed, the dehumidifier gets setup in front of the pantry under the blue hanging pockets.img_0268We added a long mirror to the outside of the bathroom door, which our baby girl loves to dance in front of, LOL.  And we picked up a small rolling kitchen island which MadMac cut down and turned into a mobile desk for his computer.  You can see his little desk sitting in his doorway to our bedroom, which can sit out of the way there just like that, it can be rolled out for use, or pushed all the way into his side of the bedroom on travel days to make room for the slide to come in (the slide blocks his doorway when you bring it in).img_0269


MadMac’s rolling computer cart/desk.


There are still quite a few things we have planned for our tiny home, and we will try to share those again once they are completed 🙂  For now, I will leave you with the current Before & After comparison.  We really love our little home 😀  What do you think of it?



5 thoughts on “Our RV Living Room Makeover

  1. Love how you made it your own! We’ve been in our RV for a year and only made 1 change…really want to make more. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much 🙂 I need to make more posts for our other makeover/changes we’ve done. Once you start making changes you can’t stop LOL. You start envisioning all the other things you could do with the space, hehe.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. That looks awesome. We started ripping up carpet and discovered we had some damage to repair. Now that everything is already topsy turvy we are thinking of just remodeling…. I cannot stand the thought of it but it would be nice to make the space our own. It is just so hard when you live in it! There is no escape from the visual clutter.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, it’s definitely harder to do any changes and work on the RV while living in it! I think some have used a tent to store things out of the way while working on remodeling and such, to help cut down on the clutter….maybe that could help? I really want to finish painting all our walls, but our 2 year old makes that difficult, LOL. I’ll have to do it while she’s sleeping or something, haha. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting 🤓


      • We also have a 2 year old. Good idea about the tent! We just decided to go for it and now have a loft for her. It’s not perfect, but it is working! And now we have so much more space. I do need to paint though!

        Liked by 1 person

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