Serendipitous Journeys

Family of 6, downsized our lives & became Fulltime RVers traveling the country.

About Us

We are The Nomad Macs, a family of 6 that downsized our lives to become Fulltime RVers traveling around the USA.  We ditched the typical American Dream in favor of spending more time together, forging stronger, richer relationships, simplifying our lives, living more intentionally, and more fulfilling lives through EXPERIENCES.  We hope that you enjoy our adventures and possibly even find useful information about the RVing lifestyle.


The Nomad Mac Clan:

MadMac aka Shawn the hubster


MadMac is the ruler of all things outside RV related (especially all things related to the black tank) and fixer of most things in the RV.  He’s the dad, the jokester, teacher, griller, gamer, and head geek in our home.  He’s a Disabled Veteran after 9 years in the Army and 3 deployments.

TawnyMac aka Tawny the wifester?

IMG_0004Tawny is the ruler of all things inside the RV.  She’s a crafter, blogger, reader, researcher, teacher, budgeter, planner, personal shopper, housekeeper, cook, family photographer, manager, fixer of booboos, backseat driver, and human making person…..otherwise known as Mom.  Former Army wife, user of too many commas and ellipses, and long winded story teller.

Kashew aka Kaid

img_9610Eldest son in the Nomad Mac Clan.  He’s 16, a gamer like dad, an aspiring youtuber, anime, Dragonball Z, and Pokemon fan.  He enjoys playing the Yugioh card game online, Adventure Quest, Minecraft, and the Munchkin board game is a new favorite.  He helps mom and dad out around the home with all sorts of tasks.  He loves to draw in his free time, and is learning all kinds of programing skills like: C++, java, python, and modding his games.  He’s also working on learning how to draw on his computer and making animations.

Raine aka Abbie

img_0251Our oldest daughter is 13 going on 20.  She rails against the injustices of the world and loves all things science, especially anything in space.  She’s a voracious reader and loves nature.  She can often be found drawing while listening to her music or rewatching Buffy for the umpteenth time, if her nose isn’t glued to her Kindle books.  She’s focusing on biology related interests at the moment, but throws some space studies into the mix from time to time.  She also helps mom and dad out around the home, and can be found washing dishes or sweeping spontaneously when she wants to earn more books.

Perrin the Pirate

IMG_0576The youngest son of the Nomad Mac Clan, is 9, a budding gamer like dad, and loves to watch youtube gaming videos to learn all about the games he wants to play.  He loves Minecraft Storymode, Minecraft Crazycraft, Scrap Mechanic, Terraria, Starbound, the Portal games, and Disney’s Infinity games…..he’s very into building creation type games.  He is also a Lego Master Builder.  He could easily be a great engineer of some sort one day.  Until recently he had very long hair, like a pirate he’d say, and was always mistaken for a girl.  He’s a great big brother to our littlest girl, and spends time with her playing with her Duplo blocks, playdoh, coloring, and even with dirt, HAHA.

Little Willow Tree

IMG_0721The smallest member of the Clan, is our 2 year old daughter, who is actually the one in charge around here.  If baby’s not happy, ain’t nobody happy, LOL.  She was a surprise addition to our family, and has provided us an overflowing cup of heart warming, belly laughing, instant smiling, love filled days.  She’s learning how to create with her building blocks, playdoh, crayons, and dirt…don’t forget the dirt which is found in her preferred location….outside 🙂  She loves Peppa Pig, and calls us Daddy Pig and Mommy Pig respectively.  And she’s a big fan of playdoh stop animation youtube videos.


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