Serendipitous Journeys

Family of 6, downsized our lives & became Fulltime RVers traveling the country.


Locations that we have stayed at during our travels. These will include RV Parks, Boondocking sites, as well as Walmart’s that allow overnighting.  The reviews found here are our personal opinions and nothing more.


Hoover, AL – City of Hoover RV Park

July/August 2015 — Located in the Birmingham area is a city owned RV park in Hoover.  It was quite an interesting set up and a surprisingly nice quiet stay.  It’s essentially a giant paved parking lot next door to the Hoover Metropolitan Stadium, and it’s surrounded by trees hidden away from the city.  When we arrived there was a sign with instructions on how to pay for your stay, and envelopes for you to put your money into the drop box available there.  You drive around and choose the spot you want and then fill out the money envelope, tear off your stub to put in your window and drop the money envelope in the box at the entrance.  They only took cash.  The wifi here was great.  We only stayed one night on our journey, but we enjoyed our stay.


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