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Family of 6, downsized our lives & became Fulltime RVers traveling the country.

Oakzanita Springs RV Campground

Oakzanita Springs RV Campground is located in Descanso, CA which is a small town in San Diego County.  According to the website, this location is at 4,000 feet elevation in the Cuyamaca Mountains and is right next to the Cuyamaca State Park.

This review is only our opinion of the Campground, and can be found with a little more detail on our blog post about our San Diego, California Adventures.

It was a beautiful campground, but a little tight maneuvering around with a 34 foot travel trailer.  All the sites were up and down hills, and some were even hidden by trees and brush, making some of them quite cozy spots.  This Thousand Trails campground is smaller than most of the ones we have visited so far, and there were only a few sites available for us to pick from.

An important note to point out for anyone headed to this campground:  When coming from Descanso on 79 you cannot safely turn into this park from this direction and you MUST continue driving past the campground to a turnout location further down the road.  Once you’ve turned around and head back down 79 from the other direction you can make the turn safely into the park.  When making this reservation they will email you this information to make sure you know before arriving.img_9595Our site at Oakzanita Springs.

Great views!!

Playgrounds? Sewer Hookups? Amenities?

This campground had a good playground and we were able to choose a site very close to it in Section-A, partially seen in the above right picture.  Further back in the picture is the volleyball area and the pool.  However, to be close to the playground we had to give up the option of having sewer, which is mainly available in Section-B, there were only 7 sites in Section-A that had sewer and none were available.  Also, of note, Section-B was listed as having low voltage problems which can cause damage to the electrical equipment in your rig.  They do have a Country Store, and the map says there is a kitchen and dining area in the Activity Center, but we never went to it.  There is also a large dance floor outside with a BBQ Area.


It was at this campground that we encountered a mountain lion dashing across our path at night.  We also spotted it roaming around the park even during the daytime.  Thankfully it never approached anyone.  There were also wild turkeys wandering along the road that leads to the campground.

Internet, Cell Service?

Oakzanita Springs is high enough in the mountains that signals don’t bounce around and disappear, so our Verizon jetpack worked great here.  They don’t have internet for purchase, however it is free to use at the lodge.

Sightseeing & Shopping

The Cuyamaca Mountain area is very scenic and the homes and small town of Descanso have a western rustic type feel to them.  The town is very small with limited shopping choices, so we ventured out to El Cajon to a western styled Walmart.

Riding our bikes at 4,000 feet elevation was quite the workout, especially after living at sea level for the last five years, LOL!  We mention this because this high of an elevation does make a difference on how you feel, depending on your health level….so it’s something to keep in mind.


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